Hawaiian Islands Maps Pictures

Hawaiian Islands Maps Pictures
Hawaiian Islands Maps

Islands of Hawaii Map

Islands of Hawaii

Map of Hawaii

This Hawai`i base map highlights the position of the state capitol, Honolulu on the island of Oahu, and other major towns all through the state. Hawai`i is the only state of its kind, a string of links (the world's longest) of isles located about 2,400 miles southwest of California in the North Pacific sea.
The Hawai`ian string of links of 132 isles is 1,532 miles long, though when we believe of the state, we generally believe of the eight largest isles. Only seven of the Hawai`ian isles are apt for human habitation.

This elevation chart of Hawai`i shows the number of feet or meters the state rises above ocean grade. As you can glimpse, most of Hawaii resides at over 2,000 feet above ocean grade. In fact the signify elevation of Hawai`i is 3,030 feet overhead sea grade. It ranks tenth amidst the 50 states.
Of course, the lowest points in Hawai`i are ocean grade at the Pacific Ocean.

The highest point in the state is established in Hawai`i County on the isle of Hawai`i, the big isle. Mauna Kea increases 13,796 feet overhead ocean grade in the northeastern part of the isle, about 99 miles west of Hilo.