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Honolulu Map Pictures
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Honolulu is the capital and the most populous town of the U.S. state of Hawaii.a Honolulu is the southernmost major U.S. town. Although the title "Honolulu" refers to the urban locality on the southeastern seaseashore of the isle of Oahu, the city and shire are consolidated as Honolulu shire which wrappings the entire isle. For statistical purposes, the U.S. Census Bureau identifies the "City of Honolulu" as a census shire division (CCD). Honolulu is a major financial center of the islands of the Pacific sea.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 68.4 rectangle miles (177.2 km2). 60.5 rectangle miles (156.7 km2) of it is land, and 7.9 rectangle miles (20.5 km2) of it (11.56%) is water. The closest location on the mainland to Honolulu is the Point Arena Lighthouse in California, at 2,045 nautical miles (3,787 km). (Nautical vessels need some added expanse to circumnavigate Makapuʻu Point.) However, part of the Aleutian isles of Alaska are slightly nearer to Honolulu than the mainland.

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 Kahului Map Pictures

Kahului location Map
Kahului is a census-designated place (CDP) in Maui shire, on the island of Maui, in the U.S. state of Hawaii. Kahului hosts Maui's major aerodrome (Kahului Airport), deep-draft harbor, light developed localities, and financial buying centers.
Kahului is the retail center for Maui inhabitants and there are some shopping centres and major stores (including department stores in the ruler Kaahumanu Center); other important groupings of stores are in Lāhainā such as the Lahaina Cannery shopping centre, the joyous Valley locality of Wailuku, Maui Market Place and Maui shopping centre, which are both also located in Kahului, and The stores at Wailea in Wailea.
Kahului is not generally advised a tourist destination but does characteristic the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum, Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanaha Beach shire reserve, and the Maui creative pursuits and Cultural Center.

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Wailuku Location Map


Wailuku is a census-designated location (CDP) in Maui County, Hawaiʻi, joined States. It is the county seat of Maui County.
Wailuku is established just west of Kahului, at the mouth of the ʻĪao Valley. In the early 20th century Wailuku was the major tourist destination on Maui, though it has since been eclipsed with the rise of the holiday resort towns such as Kaʻanapali, so much that there are no inns to talk of in Wailuku.
Historic sites in the town encompass Kaʻahumanu place of worship (named after one of Hawaiʻi's large monarchs, ruler Kaʻahumanu) which designated days to 1876, the Wailuku Civic Center Historic locality, the location of the Chee Kung Tong humanity construction, and the Bailey dwelling, a 19th-century previous seminary and dwelling that dwellings a annals museum and the Maui Historical humanity.
There are two very old temples near Wailuku, called heiau — the Halekiʻi Heiau and the Pihanakalani Heiau. Both designated day back hundreds of years and were used for devout reasons by the native Hawaiians.

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Maui Map Pictures
Maui Map Pictures
The Islands of Maui (pron.: maʊ.i; Hawaiian: "ˈmɐuwi") is the second-largest of the Hawaiian isles at 727.2 rectangle miles (1,883 km2) and is the 17th biggest isle in the United States. Maui is part of the State of Hawaiʻi and is the biggest of Maui County's four isles, larger than Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, and unpopulated Kahoʻolawe. Kahului is the biggest census-designated place (CDP) on the island with a community of 26,337 as of 2010 and is the economic and economic hub of the island. Wailuku is the chair of Maui County and is the third-largest CDP as of 2010. Other significant places encompass Kīhei (including Wailea and Makena in the Kihei village CDP, which is the second-most-populated CDP in Maui); Lahaina (including Kāʻanapali and Kapalua in the Lahaina village CDP); Makawao; Pāʻia; Kula; Haʻikū; and Hāna.

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Oahu Map Pictures
Oʻahu (pronounced "oˈʔɐhu") or Oahu /oʊˈɑːhuː/, renowned as "The Gathering Place", is the third biggest of the Hawaiian islands and the most populous of the islands in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The state capital, Honolulu, is on Oʻahu's southeast seaboard area. encompassing little close-in offshore isles such as Ford Island and the islands in Kaneohe embayment and off the eastern (windward) seaboard area, it has a total land area of 596.7 rectangle miles (1,545.4 km2), making it the 20th biggest island in the joined States. In the utmost dimension, this volcanic isle is 44 miles (71 km) long and 30 miles (48 km) over. The length of the shoreline is 227 miles (365 km). The island is the outcome of two separate protect volcanoes: Waiʻanae and Koʻolau, with a very wide "valley" or saddle (the centered Oʻahu simple) between them. The highest point is Mt. Ka'ala in the Waiʻanae Range, increasing to 4,003 feet (1,220 m) overhead ocean level.

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Hawaiian Islands Maps Pictures
Hawaiian Islands Maps

Islands of Hawaii Map

Islands of Hawaii

Map of Hawaii

This Hawai`i base map highlights the position of the state capitol, Honolulu on the island of Oahu, and other major towns all through the state. Hawai`i is the only state of its kind, a string of links (the world's longest) of isles located about 2,400 miles southwest of California in the North Pacific sea.
The Hawai`ian string of links of 132 isles is 1,532 miles long, though when we believe of the state, we generally believe of the eight largest isles. Only seven of the Hawai`ian isles are apt for human habitation.

This elevation chart of Hawai`i shows the number of feet or meters the state rises above ocean grade. As you can glimpse, most of Hawaii resides at over 2,000 feet above ocean grade. In fact the signify elevation of Hawai`i is 3,030 feet overhead sea grade. It ranks tenth amidst the 50 states.
Of course, the lowest points in Hawai`i are ocean grade at the Pacific Ocean.

The highest point in the state is established in Hawai`i County on the isle of Hawai`i, the big isle. Mauna Kea increases 13,796 feet overhead ocean grade in the northeastern part of the isle, about 99 miles west of Hilo.